M1 Data & Analytics launches Smart PiXL

M1 Data & Analytics launches Smart PiXL

One of the most frustrating parts of any business is missing out on potential clients, especially when they're right at your doorstep. M1 Data is excited to unveil a new highly effective Data solution called Smart PiXL. Identifying the IP Address that visits your Website is not the problem; being able to accurately identify the IP Address with a Name and accurate info has been the problem. Not anymore.
By uploading a list of IP Addresses (visitors to your website), M1 Data will then append Name, Phone, Address and Email to records that match our Database of nearly 200 Million IP records. But it doesn't stop there. M1 Data will be able to reveal incredible insight with each Consumer (IP Address) by using the 300+ attributes within the platform. So not only will you know who is at your front door, you will know who didn't stop by on accident; identifying the visitors MOST LIKELY to buy.
Greg Ashe, COO of M1 Data and Analytics, is ecst…


Ok, so you have known about the 2017 NADA Show for quite some time now, yet you find yourself freaking out a day before you leave. No worries, we have all been there. Register to Attend here!


First and foremost, let's think about what you will need to get from the office. Some things will be accessible via Email, Google Docs, flash drives, etc.  Create a "Note" on your Cell Phone or go old-school and actually write it out on paper.

Business Cards / Marketing MaterialsLaptop / Charger / Back up Charger?Flash drives - power points, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.Email Response - "I will be out of the office..."Who needs to know where I will be during the show? Last minute tasks I MUST do before I leave?Miscellaneous - headphones, pens, notebook, books, etc


Alright, I have my shoes, my jacket, shirt, and tie are on point, where's my belt? My belt! Son of a  $!+@&!!! How many of you have been there before? I know I have. Nothing is wo…


The Chicago Cubs are the 2016 World Champions of Baseball.  Just saying that hasn't really sunk in yet, has it?  Talk about being patient. For decades, the Cubs have had both winning and losing seasons, a Billy goat, and a man named Bartman steal the dreams of thousands millions. Achieving greatness takes discipline. It takes trust. It takes a group of individual skills coming together to accomplish a goal.   

I was first introduced to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when I was given a book called, SEO Made Easy: Everything You Need To Know About SEO and Nothing Moreby Evan Bailyn.  It was my first day here at M1 Data & Analytics and I was eager to dive in and see what was so difficult with this SEO monster. Up to this point, I knew SEO was the reason why your link would or would not pop up in the search results, that's about it. 

One chapter after another, I realized this was no overnight type of task. I wasn't going to be able to be committed one day and slack off t…


I had the privilege of having a very smart and witty Grandmother, God rest her soul.Man, was she a hoot. Betty would do anything for anyone at anytime. I learned quite a bit from her. Lessons I still use to this day. This woman did a Crossword Puzzle every single morning for decades; she knew her stuff needless to say. She loved her family and friends very much and expressed that in countless ways. 
I would always receive a card from my Grandma each year for my Birthday, as would the rest of the family. I can still picture one of her bright envelopes and that unique cursive (what's that) handwriting of hers. Growing up she had a Dog named Sadie. Each of her cards would always come with paw print stamps next to her signature giving it an extra special touch. I miss those cards.
Direct Mail Marketing has a bad rep. Quite a few people I run into assume Direct Mail or Postal Marketing is a way of the past. I disagree. Don't get me wrong, you must do your homework. Direct Mail takes …


By now, I hope you have figured out who has gradually taken over the throne in Social Media Marketing the last few years.  You guessed it, the CUSTOMER.  By the end of 2016, 89% of Companies expect to compete mainly on the basis of CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE compared to only 36% only four years ago.  Just as Marketing and Advertising on Social Media began to get a little ridiculous, the CUSTOMER stepped in right in time.  
Don't get me wrong, Marketing and Advertising are at an all-time high via Social Media and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  However, WHO - WHAT - WHEN - WHERE - WHY and HOW this Marketing and Advertising ends up in the CUSTOMER'S hands is no accident.

Defining and Identifying your CUSTOMER (Target Audience) is priority number one.  If you don't know what pond to fish in, how do you expect to catch any fish?  Knowing WHO your CUSTOMER is will help you know where to hang out - Facebook, Twitter Chat, Blogs, Forums, YouTube, etc.
1.) What age is my ide…


Once upon a time, in a place far from here, lived a beautiful Email.  This Email (or E-Mail) was beautiful, friendly, and essentially harmless.  Sending messages all around the World, the Email began to grow greedy, selfish, and a bit shady.  Soon, the Email began to hang around the wrong crowd - THE MARKETING CROWD!  
Those clever, creative minds convinced the Email that it could be more.  More than just a message. More than the exchange of a document.  A tool for Marketing and Advertising professionals far and wide.  A Marketing Email is still just an Email.  And so...the Fallacy of the Email is born.

A "fallacy" is a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief or misleading or unsound argument.  The day that Marketing and Advertising met the beautiful Email was a monumental day for business.  Not so much for the Email.  Think about how many times a day you have to delete an Email that was Ad or Marketing based?  Quite a bit, right?  But it's not the Email's fault…